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Integrated Transport Plan

Train, cyclists, cars and a bus

The Transport network plays a critical part in the livability of a city and its ability to be resilient to changes such as population growth, an ageing population, changing urban form and facilitating access to goods and services. In response to these challenges, the 2014 Knox Integrated Transport Plan provides a framework for both the development and management of an integrated transport network to service the future needs of the Knox community and business.

Utilising data captured through an extensive consultation process, the 2014 Knox Integrated Transport Plan aims to capture the needs and aspiration of the various users of Knox’s Transport Network through six key objectives:

  • Social and Economic Inclusion - The Transport Network is accessible to all people who wish to use it.
  • Economic Prosperity - The Transport Network enables efficient and effective access for people and goods.
  • Environmental Sustainability - The Transport Network protects the natural environment by reducing transport related emissions and adapting for the challenges of climate change.
  • Integration of Transport and Land Use - The Transport Network maximises access to homes, employment, services and recreation and reduces the need for private motor vehicle travel.
  • Efficiency, Coordination and Reliability - The Transport Network optimises the efficiency and reliability of all modes of transport.
  • Safety and Health and Wellbeing - The Transport Network is safe and promotes forms of transport that support health and wellbeing.
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