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Noise Complaints

The Environment Protection Authority (EPA) Victoria and Knox City Council are responsible for the control of residential, commercial and industrial noise in the Knox Municipality.

Noise can cause serious disruption to people’s lives including loss of sleep, stress and interference from social and everyday activities and can come from a variety of sources such as:

  • loud music from stereos and musical instruments
  • a radio, television or public address system
  • motor vehicles
  • electrical power tools
  • grass cutting equipment
  • air conditioners, heating systems, pool and spa pumps
  • noisy domestic animals
  • shopping centres and other commercial premises
  • industrial sites

Environment Protection Authority Legislation

The EPA has developed the following legislation that deals with a range of noise related issues:

The EPA regulations and guidelines do not deal with all noise related issues, including:

  • Traffic noise coming from a VicRoads owned road should be reported to VicRoads on 131 170.
  • Train noise or track maintenance. Initial contact should be made with the transport company. For trains contact Metro Trains on 1800 800 705.
  • If you are unable to resolve the issue here you can contact the Public Transport Ombudsman (Victoria) on 1800 466 865 who may be able to investigate your complaint.
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