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Summary of Maintenance of Unsealed Roads

Unsealed roads that are the responsibility of Knox City Council are generally maintained to a level of service outlined in Council's Road Management Plan. Some key activities from that Plan are summarised below. For more information, refer to Council's Road Management Plan page.

Surface Repair/Grading - reduces corrugations, pot holes, rutting, etc.

  • Intervention levels 50mm corrugations, 450mm x 50mm deep pot holes.
  • Works undertaken 32 day target.

Routine Maintenance

  • Grade and top dress.
  • Same intervention levels as above.
  • Grading frequency - nominated roads (1 weekly cycle) e.g. Doongalla Road, Old Coach Road, Quarry Road, Sheffield Road. The rest 3 monthly cycle.

Dust Suppression

  • Undertaken once per year, usually during the Summer period.

Vehicle Crossing Maintenance – Drainage Only

  • Repair/clean drainage culvert.
  • Works undertaken 96 days.

Vehicle Crossing Maintenance – General

The maintenance of vehicle crossings is an owner responsibility.

Note: Intervention level is known as the trigger point at which Council will undertake maintenance.

Priority for Upgrading Unsealed Roads in Knox

Upgrade or improvement works (i.e. road construction or sealing) along unsealed roads would be undertaken by Knox City Council preparing a Contributory Scheme through the application of the Special Rates and Charges Policy. The scheme would involve landowners contributing for the cost of works. All those properties which are deemed to derive a special benefit from the works will be included in the scheme.

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