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Public Access to Council Information

Knox City Council delivers a range of services to residents, rate payers, businesses and visitors. The performance of our functions and delivery of services generates a wide range of documents. These include records of our activities and transactions with our customers, as well as agendas, minutes, policies, plans, newsletters, contracts, and permits to name a few.

There are also a range of documents and reports prescribed under the Local Government Act 2020 (the Act) and other relevant legislation and regulations that Council is committed to making readily available to the community.

Many of these documents are available on our website. Others you can request to inspect or obtain copies of (some for free, and others with fees attached). If a document is only available for inspection it must be viewed at, and not removed from, the Civic Centre.

Still more documents may be accessible in accordance with Council's Public Transparency Policy – although documents do not need to be released under this policy if they have been deemed confidential under the Act or if the release of the information has been assessed by the Chief Executive Officer, or nominee, as contrary to public interest.

More information is available in the Public Transparency Policy which :
• specifies which Council information will be made publicly available;
• describes the categories of Council information that may be made available; and
• describes the ways in which Council information will be made available.

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