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Codes of Practice for Animals

There are a number of Codes of Practice in place in relation to domestic pets, livestock and domestic animal businesses.

Victorian Codes of Practice for animals have been made under the Domestic Animals Act 1994 as well as the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act 1986. The Codes are developed to provide guidance to pet and business owners in relation to standards of care and to safeguard the welfare of animals.

Codes of Practice for the Private Keeping of Dogs and Cats

These Codes were initiated by the Bureau of Animal Welfare and prepared in consultation with an advisory committee. The committee was comprised of persons who have knowledge and expertise in particular areas such as animal welfare, veterinary science, the commercial use of animals and the standards and conduct of ethical use of animals.

Where can Codes of Practice be found?

Victorian Codes of Practice, Acts and Regulations can be found at Agriculture Victoria.

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