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Stormwater Quality Management Plan

All stormwater in the City of Knox runs untreated to Dandenong Creek and on to Port Phillip Bay. Council is managing stormwater quality and quantity issues in a number of ways including development of a Stormwater Quality Management Plan, Water Sensitive Urban Design Guidelines and a Drainage Strategy.

The Stormwater Quality Management Plan (SWQMP) has been developed to improve the environmental management of stormwater within the municipality by maintaining and improving water quality in creeks and waterways in Knox and downstream to Port Phillip Bay.

The SWQMP includes outcomes that are targeted to assist Council in improving its management activities and respond to priority threats that impact on environmental and amenity values. The SWQMP identifies specific Stormwater Risk Management Strategies, improvements to Council’s management framework and a monitoring and review program.

Water Sensitive Urban Design

Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) forms an important part of integrated water management. Innovative stormwater management, such as WSUD, can contribute greatly to sustainability and liveability, particularly when considered as part of an overall urban strategy.

Councils recognise the importance of stormwater management and are striving for more widespread implementation of WSUD in their municipalities. As such, these WSUD Guidelines were created to promote the implementation of WSUD and to create consistency across the Councils in the southern and eastern regions of Melbourne. The Guidelines demonstrate Best Practice Environmental Management of urban stormwater.

WSUD moves away from traditional methods of stormwater management, which focus on channelling stormwater off site as quickly as possible and flood mitigation. The principles include protection of natural systems, integration of stormwater treatment into the landscape, protection of water quality and reduced run off and peak flows. Download our Water Sensitive Urban Design brochure below.

For more information

Further information about our Stormwater Quality Management Plan or Water Sensitive Urban Design, please contact Council's Stormwater Unit on 9298 8000.

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