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The City of Knox Coat of Arms

City of Knox Coat of Arms

History of the Coat of Arms

Knox was officially proclaimed a City in 1969 and received its armorial bearings (Coat of Arms) in 1980.
The Coat of Arms reveals much about Knox’s pioneer beginnings and ensuing development.

The Crest - A Gold Falcon

On top of the shield sits a Little Brown Falcon. The Little Brown Falcon, still seen around Knox today, has been the municipality’s emblem since the Shire of Knox was constituted in 1963. The Little Brown Falcon was adopted from the family crest of Sir George Knox, after whom the municipality is named.

The Shield

The Shield is divided into four quarters separated by the southern cross. In the quarters of the shield are the Cornucopia, representing prosperity and the vast orchards that were in the area and two bullocks, indicative of the transportation mode in the early days.

The Cross

The spade, rake and hoe are the agriculture implements used in the many market gardens, while in the centre is a balance and scales, in one of which is a brick symbolising the building growth that has occurred in Knox and the change toward urban development.

The Supporters

The Woodcutter is representative of the numerous timber cutters who worked in the area and the Trooper, relates to the Native Police Corps who were located in the 1840’s on the area now known as Police Paddocks.

The Compartment

The Compartment on which the shield and supporters stand comprises a green mound surrounded by a post and rail fence- the greenmound representing the undulating land throughout Knox.

The Motto - "I Move and Prosper"

Translated from the Latin "Move et Proficior" and adopted by the municipality from the Knox family.

City Emblem (Logo)

The Little Brown Falcon as depicted on the City's Coat of Arms was chosen as the City's emblem or logo and was stylised to reflect a more modern adaptation.

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