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Individual Excellence Grants

The Individual Excellence Grant has replaced Council’s previous Individual Sporting Grant. This new grant has broadened the eligibility criteria and expanded the field of eligible endeavours to better support and encourage Knox residents who have reached an elite level.

The Individual Excellence Grant applies to individuals who live in the City of Knox and are competing or performing at a state, national or international level in the following areas:

  • sports and recreation;
  • education;
  • arts and culture; and
  • environmental and/ or humanitarian initiatives

The following maximum grant limits apply:

  • If the competition or event is held within Victoria - $150
  • If the competition or event is held outside Victoria but within Australia - $250
  • If the competition or event is held internationally - $400

Eligibility Criteria

To apply for an Excellence Grant for Individuals, the following criteria must be met:

  • the applicant is a resident of Knox;
  • the applicant has been selected or personally invited to participate in a competition or event by a national or state peak body or governing organization of the specialized area;
  • the applicant has not received an Excellence Grant for Individuals in the current or previous financial year.

Exclusion Criteria

An individual is not eligible to receive grant funding under this policy if:

  • the competition or event has already taken place;
  • Council has awarded a grant under another policy which benefits the individual applicant for the same competition or event;
  • they have a delinquent account with Knox City Council (an amount owed to Council that was not paid by the due date);
  • they have outstanding acquittal documentation from a previous Council grant;
  • more than two (2) individuals from the same club/organisation have already received funding for the same competition or event;
  • the applicant is being remunerated for their participation (excluding prize money);
  • the funds are proposed to be used to contribute to membership expenses; and
  • the competition or event exposes Council to adverse criticism due to controversial issues (e.g. political or cultural sensitivities).

How to apply

To enable a smooth transition and enable Council to continue to support eligible individuals in the Knox community applications for an Individual Excellence Grant may be made in writing via email to and attentioned to the Governance Department.

However, once the application form has been configured on the Smarty Grants portal this will be the only valid way to apply.

The application must include a letter or other official documentation from the peak body or governing organisation of the specialised area that confirms that the:

  • Competition or event is of state, national or international standard; and
  • individual has been selected or personally invited to participate in the competition or event.

Applicants must also provide a letter detailing proof of costs to be incurred, e.g. airfare, accommodation or entrance fees.

There is no closing date for the Excellence Grants for Individuals however, it is preferable that applications be received at least two (2) months before the start of the planned competition or event to enable assessment and payment of grant funds.

Acquittal Requirements

Successful applicants must provide proof of purchase/expenditure within 3 months of the expenditure or within 12 months from receipt of the grant, whichever is the earlier.

Upon request, the individual must also provide Council with a short statement about their experience at the competition or event and one (1) image. Council reserves the right to use this statement and image when promoting the Excellence Grant for Individuals Grant program.

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