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COVID-19 Update

Restrictions will be in place from 11:59pm Thursday 27 May to 11:59pm on Thursday 10 June. Most council facilities will be closed. Events have been cancelled. Critical services will continue. Find out more

Rainbow Lorikeet

Wildlife in Knox

There are many wild animals that share the places we live in and much of our wildlife is unique to Australia. Wild animals require healthy habitat safe from feral species and domestic animals. Habitat includes natural food sources, clean water and, safe places for nesting and breeding. Find out how to create healthy habitat in your garden by joining the free Gardens for Wildlife program.

The most suitable plants for a wildlife garden are those that are indigenous to your area. This means that the plants have been growing in the region for thousands of years and have adapted to the area’s soil and climate. A good way to find out about indigenous plants is to visit an indigenous nursery, such as the Knox Environment Society’s (KES) community nursery in Ferntree Gully.

A good place to see some of Knox's local wildlife is in a bushland reserve. Knox has over 70 bushland reserves that contribute or our local biodiversity and provide habitat for wildlife. Find out more about Knox's bushland reserves.

Butterfly Common brown Heteronympha merope
Superb Fairy Wren
Brushtail possum
Southern Brown Tree Frog
Blue Tongue Lizard
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