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Biodiversity Buddies Grants

Knox is known for its leafy green image - this vegetation provides a beautiful aesthetic appeal as well as habitat for local wildlife.

There is now approximately only 4% native vegetation or areas with indigenous vegetation left in Knox - a significant proportion of this is on private land.

If you're helping the environment in your property... then Council would love to help you out. Knox City Council will provide up to $1000 to help land owners conserve and enhance the environmental values of your property.

This grant program is also aimed at supporting the innovative Gardens for Wildlife program while focusing on properties with, or near, significant indigenous vegetation.

Works such as those listed below may be eligible for funding:

  • Weed removal
  • Appropriate fencing of significant bushland for protection
  • Revegetation for land restoration
  • Responsible pet management (cat enclosures)

What are the conditions?

Land owners interested in finding out more should consider the following key conditions:

  • An onsite assessment with the applicant and a Council officer is required before commencement and again after completion of works.
  • Any works being carried out would require your full contribution payment before Council’s contribution would be made.
  • Agreement to contracted works requires you to provide an equal share of the cost. In simple terms, it means the works need to be conducted on a dollar-for-dollar basis (with a maximum of $1,000 from Council).
  • Assessment will not be given to applicants conducting works that are actually required to be completed by a compliance notice.
  • Only works carried out and receipted during the current financial year will be funded.

NOTE: Contracted work must be carried out by a qualified natural resource management contractor.

Is Your Property Eligible?

  • You must be a member of the Gardens for Wildlife program.
  • Your property must have significant remnant indigenous vegetation or be near significant remnant vegetation (subject to Council approval).

Assessment Criteria

  • Understand the importance of the project to the environmental value of the area, particularly to overall community benefit.
  • Have the ability to demonstrate ongoing responsibility and commitment to the project.
  • Be committed to implement works according to the assessing Officer's recommendation.
  • Comply with the guidelines if a land management plan is being implemented on your property.

How do I apply?

  • Complete the grant application form
  • Additional information to support the application is advantageous, e.g. photos, quotations detailing the work to be carried out, etc.
  • You will be contacted to discuss the proposed works, to arrange a site inspection with a Council officer and compile an 'Agreed Works Plan'.
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