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Knox Youth Services Guide (2019)

The Knox Youth Services Resource Guide is a resource designed for schools, agencies, general practitioners and workers that provide support and guidance to young people between the ages of 10 – 25 years in Knox.

Knox Youth Services, Youth Information Centre provides information, referral, support and programs for young people aged 10-25 years (and their families) who are living, working, recreating or studying in the City of Knox. The Knox Youth Information Centre is open Monday – Thursday 1- 5pm on 9298 8469.

Other agencies as well as the Knox Youth Information Centre, predominantly in the local area are included on the Knox Youth Services Resource Poster.

The Knox Youth Services Guide contains a variety of easy to access numbers and websites of agencies and supports for young people on key topics, in which young people regularly seek support.

Information to specific agencies within the resource includes; Abuse and Violence, Accommodation, Alcohol & Drugs, Counselling services, Crisis support, Disability, Employment and Training, Health related issues, Mental Health, Migrant and Refugee services, LGBTIQ+ and related agencies and supports.

The agencies within the resource do not constitute a recommendation. Users of the KYS Resource Guide should always check information prior to referring a young person ie; vacancies, charges, waiting list etc.

This new guide has been developed and produced in a Poster (A2) format and a Booklet format. If you would like a copy of the Resource Guide in Poster format or booklet format, contact Megan Parker, Youth Administrative Officer on 9298 8000 or email to arrange pick up or delivery.

Download the Knox Youth Services Guide in poster or booklet format below.

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