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Youth Services Key Actions from Key Life Stages Plan

Knox City Council Youth Services are committed to planning for the delivery of relevant services to young people and their families in Knox.

The Key Life Stages Plan brings together Council’s previous Municipal Early Years, Youth Strategic Plan 2012 - 17 and Active Ageing Plans; focuses on the key life stages of early childhood, youth and older age and recognises that intervention during these key life stages has the greatest benefit for individuals, families and the community.

It is a new and innovative Plan that will deliver an integrated and intergenerational approach to better respond to the needs and priorities of residents across these various age groups.

The Plan aligns with and responds to the Knox Community and Council Plan 2017-21; identifies key issues across life stages and ensures that Knox has the right services, infrastructure and partnerships to build a healthy and resilient community.

For further information visit the links to the Key Life Stages Plan and the Community and Council Plan.

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