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Food Act Registration

There are four classes of food premises - class 1, class 2, class 3 and class 4. The classification system means that regulatory requirements are matched to the level of food safety risk associated with the food handling activities at different types of premises.

Class 1 has the highest and class 4 the lowest level of legal requirements. In summary, the classes are:

  • Class 1 - hospitals, child care centres and aged care services which serve high risk food.
  • Class 2 - other premises that handle high risk food unpackaged food.
  • Class 3 - premises that handle unpackaged low risk food or high risk pre-packaged food, and warehouses and distributors.
  • Class 4 - as described below.

Class 4 premises need to notify Council if you are a fixed premises and the only food handling activities are as follows:

  • the sale of shelf stable pre-packaged low risk food such as confectionery, crisps, frozen ice cream, milk, bottled drinks - for example, newsagents, pharmacies, video stores and some milk bars.
  • the sale of packaged alcohol - for example, bottle shops.
  • the sale of uncut fruit and vegetables - for example, farmers markets, green grocers and wholesalers.
  • wine tasting (which can include serving low risk food or cheese).
  • the sale of packaged cakes (excluding cream cakes).
  • the supply of low risk food, including cut fruit, at sessional kindergarten or child care.
  • simple sausage sizzles, where the sausages are cooked and served immediately. This means sausages, sauce, onions and bread. (This does not include hamburgers or other high risk foods)

For a full list of class 4 activities and to find out which category your food premises may come under, visit the Food Safety website.

Starting a New Food Registration

For anyone wishing to set up a new commercial food premises registration, please read the Guidelines for the Design, Construction and Fit-Out of Food Premises that provides important information on the registration and set up of a new food business in Knox.

For anyone wishing to set up a new home based food premises registration, please read our Guidelines for Setting up a Home Based Food Business here.

Additional information to assist you in meeting the legislative requirements of your food registration include:

Once you have read the above guidelines and would like to commence the registration process, please submit to Council's Health Services department:

  • A completed Application for Plan Assessment (Commercial) or Application for Plan Assessment (Home Based) along with 1 copy of a detailed floor plan of all food preparation, storage and servery areas. Please ensure that you include the dimensions of both the space and all fixtures contained within.
  • A schedule of finishes – this is a written document that describes the finishes of all surfaces including the floor, ceiling, walls, benches, cabinetry etc.

This can be emailed to or posted/hand delivered to 511 Burwood Hwy, Wantirna South VIC 3152.

Once plans approval has been obtained by Council’s Health Services Department, you may begin works (if required). As you near completion of your works or are ready to commence trading, you must contact Council’s Health Services Department to arrange a final inspection of your premises before you begin trading. Upon successful completion of the final inspection, an Application for Registration will be given to you. Payment will include an establishment fee and a registration fee.

Please note, you will need to contact the following authorities to find out about all of the different laws and requirements that may apply:

  • Knox City Council’s City Development Department (Building & Planning) - PH 9298 8000 - For change of use of the building, car parking space requirements, some structural and signage changes, any fit out/proposed structural changes to a building, public and staff toilet requirements etc.
  • South East Water - PH 9552 3662 - For advice as to whether you need to install an oil/food waste interceptor.
  • Knox City Council's Community Laws Department - PH 9298 8000 - Commercial use of footpaths

For more information please contact Health Services on 9298 8000 or email

Transferring a Food Registration

If you have recently purchased or sold a food business, the registration must be transferred.

A completed Application to Transfer a Food Registration must be submitted to Council's Health Services Department along with the applicable fee (50% of the business's annual registration fee, invoice available upon request).

Once all completed paperwork & payment has been received by Council's Health Services department and if the premises is compliant as per the Food Act 1984, the transfer will be completed within 28 days from the take over date. Timings may differ if the premises is subject to a works program approved by Knox City Council's Health Services Department.

An Application for Premises Enquiry is an optional inspection that may be requested prior to the purchase/sale of a food business in order to establish the current state of the premises. There is the option of a 4 or 10 business day turnaround to receive the inspection report. Please indicate which you would prefer and contact Council's Health Services department on 9298 8165 to request an invoice.

The above transfer forms can be emailed to or posted/hand delivered to 511 Burwood Hwy, Wantirna South VIC 3152.

Closing a Food Registration

Please provide in writing to the following information:

  • Premises address
  • Trading name of food premises
  • Date that trading ceased
  • Name and contact details of person submitting closure advice

Community Groups or Temporary/Mobile Food Businesses

Community groups and operators of temporary or mobile food businesses must apply online via the Streatrader website in order to comply with the Food Act.

Some examples of activities that need to be registered through Streatrader are: sausage sizzles at Bunnings, coffee vans and market stalls.

Visit Streatrader to apply or seek more information.

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