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Building Works Site Protection

Footpath repairs

Council is responsible for the coordination and care of Council’s physical assets to ensure that they provide an appropriate level of service for the Knox Community. These assets include roads, footpaths, shared paths, drainage, buildings, playgrounds, bus shelters, street trees, parks and car parks.

Asset Preservation officers administer works by builders, developers, service providers and residents to ensure that all works conform to Council's standards and specifications and that existing assets are maintained in a satisfactory condition whilst development of the municipality continues.

Building Works - Site Protection

In accordance with the General Provisions Local Law 2010, a $187 Asset Protection Fee is to be lodged with Knox City Council as part of the building works process. This fee allows Council to undertake both a pre and post inspection to ensure that building works associated with construction do not impact on the integrity of Council Assets.

Please note that no building works may commence until this fee has been paid to Council and a pre site inspection has been conducted. Penalties apply under the General Provisions Local Law 2010 should Council not receive this fee. To view a copy of this Local Law and Protection of Public Assets and Building Sites Guidelines read our Site Management Guidelines.

If you would like any further information, please contact Council's Asset Protection Officer on 9298 8869.

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