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What is the difference between Building and Planning?

The Planning Permit and Building Permit systems operate under different legislations (The Planning & Environment Act 1987, and the Building Act 1993) and are two very different processes.

When both a Planning Permit and a Building Permit are required for a proposal, then the Planning Permit must be approved and issued before the Building Permit can be. The Building Permit must be consistent to the Planning Permit.

Planning relates to the use and development of land for a specific proposal

The Planning Permit process assesses a proposal against council’s planning scheme and the State’s planning legislation, taking into consideration the impact your proposal may have on the site and that of neighbouring land and the environment - i.e. hours of operation, loss of privacy, safety or traffic issues and any impact it may have on surrounding environment such as waterways and landscapes.

Planning Permits are issued by Local Councils.

Planning Permits ensure the proposal/development fits with local and state government guidelines.

Planning Permits give authorisation for the proposed use or development on particular piece of land.

It is advisable to consult with the Planning Department as to whether a Planning Permit is required as this depends on the planning controls that apply to the land.

Building relates to the construction or alteration of a building/s, its structural safety and amenity

The Building Permit process ensures that any construction or alteration of a structure/building complies with the Building Regulations 2018 and that of the Building Code of Australia and Building Act 1993.

Building Permits can be issued by either a Municipal Building Surveyor through Council or a Registered Private Building Surveyor.

Building Permits approve and allow building projects to proceed.

Building Permits ensure the building regulations are followed.

Building Permits ensure key structural stages of the project are independently inspected.

Any Building Permit issued must be consistent with the requirements of the Planning Permit, including conditions and endorsed plans, if required. It is advisable to consult with the Building Department as to whether a Building Permit is required in a particular instance, as some exemptions do apply to certain building works.

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