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A raingarden is a water sensitive garden that is positioned to receive stormwater from hard surfaces such as a downpipe from a roof, paved areas or driveways. Raingardens filter and slow the rate of stormwater before it flows into stormwater drains and on to rivers, creeks and bays.

They include a combination of plants, shrubs and grasses that soak up rainfall collected from your roof or driveway. In doing so, raingardens reduce the amount of stormwater that would otherwise wash pollutants from hard surfaces into the stormwater system and into our waterways.

Anyone can create a raingarden. They are a creative, low cost and easy to maintain way in which you can contribute to cleaner and healthier rivers and creeks.

In order for raingardens to work effectively a variety of plants are recommended. These plants help in the uptake of heavy metals and excess nutrients.

Visit our Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) page for more information and initiatives.

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