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Drainage Asset Management Plan 2010

Drainage Asset Management Plan 2010

Council’s drainage network captures and removes stormwater runoff from roads and properties and in doing so, makes the municipality a viable place for people to live. In addition to pits and pipes, the Knox drainage network also includes retarding basins, overland flow paths and a range of Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) treatments that act to detain flows and remove pollutants from stormwater runoff.

The Drainage Asset Management Plan (DAMP) aims to provide Council and the community with a policy and financial framework for the management of Council’s drainage assets. Provision and preservation of an effective drainage network is fundamental for the health and general wellbeing of the local community. Council, as a responsible drainage authority, is expected to manage its drainage system in a way that ensures the capacity is adequate to minimise the likelihood of property damage, personal injury, business disruption and material loss resulting from storm events.

As well as examining the performance of drainage assets, the plan documents and assesses how Council currently undertakes drainage management practices, drainage expenditure and service standards, and recommends improvement projects that will balance customer expectations, lifecycle costs and risk management into the future.

The plan comprises a main report and several attachments. The main report or the associated attachments are available below.

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