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Saving Water with Smarter Design

Better, smarter design principles are set to save our local water resources. It's all part of an approach called 'Water Sensitive Urban Design' (WSUD). Traditionally, stormwater management has focused on the safe flow of stormwater to minimise possible flooding. Of equal importance is the quality of stormwater that leaves properties and the ability to use it as a resource for sustainable land use.

Smart Thinking, Strategic Improvements

Council's Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) and Stormwater Management strategy aims to protect and improve the health of Knox’s streams and creeks for current and future generations, at the same time as ensuring flooding impacts are minimised.

The vision of the strategy is for 'WSUD to contribute to a more liveable, sustainable and productive municipality'. For more information on the vision refer to item 1.3 in the WSUD and Stormwater Management Strategy 2010 file. The strategy presents a carefully prioritised plan for the planning, implementation and maintenance of WSUD systems, outlining goals and actions to improve Council’s existing WSUD management and planning processes and activities.

Download the WSUD and Stormwater Management Strategy 2010.

What is a Raingarden?

A raingarden resembles a regular garden bed, except that it has layers of sandy soil beneath. A raingarden is a water sensitive garden that receives stormwater from hard surfaces such as a downpipe from a roof, paved areas or driveways. Raingardens filter and slow the rate of stormwater drains on to rivers, creeks and bays.

For more information please visit Melbourne Water's page on Raingardens.

So Many Benefits from Better Design

  • Improving urban landscape through better stormwater treatment.
  • Reducing soluble solids, phosphorous and nitrogen and various other matter to protect water quality.
  • Cutting pollution.
  • Protecting natural environment.
  • Limiting stormwater flows runoff and peak flows to reduce impact of erosion of waterways.
  • Cutting demand for irrigation.
  • Adding value while minimising development costs.
  • Using more recycled water.
  • Maintaining groundwater or improving it.
  • Protecting Knox's streams and creeks as well as the flora and fauna they support.
  • Improving integration with the local drainage system.

A Kit for You at Home

We've got great ideas to help you improve the health of Knox’s streams and creeks, reduce flooding issues and reduce the ‘heat island effect’:

  • What is a water sensitive design home and how can it help improve the environment - click on Stormwater Sensitive Home
  • How do I build a raingarden - PDFs to download include building an in-ground raingarden and planter box raingarden.
  • Plants information for raingardens in Knox - click on the link 'Building Raingardens in Knox' at the bottom of this page.

Council's Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) Policy

Did you know that Council has an adopted Water Sensitive Urban Design Policy?

The inclusion of WSUD principles through a Council Policy enables Council to deliver on the aims established within the Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) & Stormwater Management Strategy 2010, by incorporating the principles of WSUD into Council projects and planning applications. The Policy links to a procedure which aids Council investment in the construction of WSUD systems, where environmental gains can be made for the optimal cost.

WSUD Websites

There is a range of other helpful online information you can access:

Melbourne Water

Information about WSUD principles, various treatment tools available for implementation, local case studies and various resources useful for those developing land.

WSUD within the Sydney region

Contains various links to other WSUD websites and providing case studies and pictures from WSUD examples across Australia, as well as research reports and general literature on application of WSUD principles.

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