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Cat curfew

Compulsory Desexing of Cats

Compulsory desexing of cats was introduced in Knox from 10 April 2011.
This only applies to newly registered cats and not those already currently registered.

What if I don't agree with early age desexing and I need to register my new purchased kitten?

If your kitten is under six months of age when you register it and you provide a written request or a vet report stating your concerns, Council will accept your initial registration if you meet other requirements (eg: your kitten is microchipped), however as your cat would not be desexed, the registration fee for an unsterilized/entire cat will apply ($188).

Please note: before your registration can be renewed in the following year you will need to provide proof of desexing.

What if I have just acquired an older cat and it's not desexed?

Any cat over the age of six months must be desexed before Council will accept it's registration.

My cat has been registered before but I let the registration lapse. Does my cat have to be desexed before I renew it's registration?

Yes, if it is being registered because the previous registration lapsed (ie not current year) then your cat must be desexed before Council will renew your registration.

Are there any exemptions for desexing?

Yes, under Section 10B in the Domestic Animals Act 1994, dogs and cats are exempt from desexing under the following circumstances:

(1) The following dogs and cats do not have to be desexed to be registered or to have their registration renewed by a Council -

  • (a) a dog or cat that is owned by a person or body that conducts a domestic animal business under which dogs or cats are bred and the dog or cat is used for breeding purposes in connection with that business;
  • (b) a dog or cat that is owned by a person who is a current member of an applicable organisation and that animal is registered with that organisation;
  • (e) a dog or cat that is the subject of written veterinary advice that the health of the dog or cat is liable to be significantly prejudiced if it is desexed.
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