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Skidmarks from hoon drivers

Hoon Driving

Hoon driving is a dangerous behaviour that puts the safety of drivers and other road users at risk. People living, working and enjoying our community have the right to feel safe. Council is working with Police and VicRoads to reduce this dangerous behaviour.

What is hoon driving?

Hoon driving is:

  • Dangerous driving including excessive speed
  • Careless driving
  • Failure to have proper control of the vehicle
  • Causing the vehicle to make excessive noise or smoke
  • Repeat ‘driving whilst disqualified’ offences

How do I identify hoon behaviour and hotspots?

  • Skid marks.
  • Road damage.
  • Excessive noise from revving.
  • Driving at excessive speed.
  • Speed trials.
  • Fishtails and doughnuts.

What happens to a hoon driver if caught by Police?

  • First time offenders can have their vehicle impounded or immobilised for 48 hours.
  • Second time offenders risk having their vehicle impounded for three months, and
  • Third time offenders may permanently lose their vehicle.

What can I do if I see hoon driving?

If you see hoon driving call Police immediately on 000 and report the incident.

You can contact the Victoria Police Hoon Hotline on 1800 333 000 and provide confidential information about hoon drivers. You could be asked questions such as:

  • Can you identify individual cars you have seen driving at dangerously high speeds?
  • Do you know the name of a driver who regularly drives above the speed limit or at dangerously high speeds, or is involved in illegal drag racing?
  • Do you know where or when an illegal street drag race is taking place?

Please remember – DO NOT jeopardise your safety by approaching or confronting offenders.

What is Council doing?

Community safety is important to Knox City Council, but we need your help to stop anti-social and dangerous behaviour. Knox City Council and Victoria Police are working in partnership to respond to dangerous driving within our community. By residents reporting hoon behaviour, offenders and hotspot areas can be identified and targeted for investigation and prevention measures.

Contact Numbers

Victoria Police: If the hoon driving is currently occurring, contact Victoria Police on 000.
Hoon Hotline: 1800 333 000 or visit

For further information

Please contact Knox City Council on 9298 8000 or email

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