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Stormwater and Rainstorm Event Preparations

Major storm events can affect us all - our homes, our workplaces, our roads. Knox City Council wants its residents to be well prepared for storm events, and to be safe throughout. The following provides some helpful information you can use to prepare your home.

What can I do at home?

  • Check that your gutters and downpipes are clear of leaves and debris.
  • Make sure the internal house drains are clear of blockages.
  • When you’re building a home, think about the design – for example, do your driveways and paths take water away from dwellings and garages rather than into them? Do I construct the floor level above the surrounding site levels?

What can Council do?

We're keenly looking at our existing drainage system to make sure it works as it was designed. We're especially interested in keeping blockages out of the main pipes and mindful of where water flows.

Sometimes, blockages are caused by large amounts of debris, so we’re mindful of clearing those on a regular basis and would appreciate being informed of any obvious problems.

What if there's no quick fix?

We recognise that funds are not always available to build our drainage system to a level that prevents water buildup in every circumstance. But we actively prioritise our approaches and welcome your enquiries on how best to manage the drainage needs now and into the future.

Who do I contact?

For any drainage enquiries, please view our Stormwater Drainage Enquiries page to lodge an online report of a blocked drain. You can also call our customer service team on 9298 8000.

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