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What can a Structure Plan do?

A structure plan is a long term plan to 2030 that takes many years to implement. It is important to understand that a structure plan can only deliver so much. It explains the type of land uses, level of activity, form of buildings, and access arrangements that will be encouraged by the City of Knox in the future to 2030. A structure plan does not mean development will automatically happen as set out in the Plan. Rather, it will be used by council:

  • To assess planning permit applications and request to rezone land when private landowners wish to redevelop their land.
  • When preparing capital works budgets to implement public works and improvements.
  • To help guide the delivery of community services.

A structure plan helps the local community understand how the area is likely to change in the future.  It will also help developers understand the development opportunities and constraints that exist, and assist Council and other government agencies to coordinate infrastructure improvements.

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