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Why is it important to have a plan for Rowville?

Rowville currently enjoys some of the best access to transport, shopping, and community services in all of Knox. This has made it an attractive place to live for many years, especially for families. As the Melbourne area continues to grow, places like Rowville continue to attract interest from people who enjoy the green and leafy lifestyle that the residents of Knox enjoy.

A plan for the area can help ensure that the voices of Rowville residents are recorded in an official policy for Council to use when making decisions about future development in the area.

For example, a plan can provide guidance on the following:

  • Certainty for Residents: Rowville is a unique and special place, especially for the people who live there. A plan can help define the attributes that make Rowville what it is today, and what people want it to be, so that Rowville can continue to grow and develop in a way that respects those important characteristics..
  • Connections to Services: One of Rowville’s great assets is the shopping centre precinct that includes the schools, parks, shops, and community centre in and around Stud Park. As new services are added, a plan can help ensure that safe and convenient connections are maintained throughout the neighbourhood, by considering how each development relates to the rest of the area..
  • Choice in Housing: A range of housing types and sizes is important for maintaining the vitality of a neighbourhood as its residents move through the various stages of life. A plan can help encourage housing that both young people and established families can afford, as well as the opportunity for “empty nesters” and retirees to move to a smaller dwelling without having to move away to another suburb.

A plan for the area can help ensure that all of these factors are considered when planning decisions about Rowville are made in the future. Having a plan in place will give residents, traders, and Council additional guidance as individual development applications are received and assessed.

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