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Playgrounds in Rowville

View our Google Map of Rowville playgrounds or find a playground's address in the table below.

Adventure playground at Rowville Community Centre

Name Location Melways
Alberni Reserve Murrindal Drive 73 G10
Arcadia Reserve Between Turramurra Drive and Taylors Lane 82 A2
Ashbrook Reserve 73 Seebeck Road 81 G7
Deschamp Crescent Reserve Between Deschamp Crescent and Denver Crescent 81 H1
Eildon Park (East) Eildon Parade 82 C1
Eildon Park (West) Eildon Parade 82 C1
Fairway Drive playground Fairway Drive 73 G8
Golding Avenue Corner Golding Avenue and Heany Park Road 82 C6
Hillside Park Between Bexsarm Crescent and Kelletts Road 73 C10
Jubilee Drive playground Corner Jubilee Drive and Sanctuary Crescent 73 J8
Karoo Reserve Karoo Road 73 E9
Lakeside Reserve Lakeside Boulevard 72 K8
Liberty Avenue Reserve Liberty Avenue 82 A4
Luton Reserve Luton Court 81 H1
Murrindal Drive Reserve (East) Corner Murrindal Drive and Sovereign Crest Boulevard 73 J9
Park Ridge Reserve Dandelion Drive 73 F12
Peregrine Reserve (North) Corner Pinehill Drive and Dandelion Drive 82 E3
Peregrine Reserve (South) Corner Pinehill Drive and Dandelion Drive 82 E3
Pine Hill Reserve Between Pitfield Crescent and Kedleston Way 82 E1
Row Reserve Corner Drummond Crescent and Fifth Avenue 81 G1
Rowville Recreation Reserve Police Road (East) 81 H7
Starlight Reserve Corner Canter Street and Debra Street 81 G5
Streeton Court Reserve 8 Streeton Court 81 J4
Stud Park Reserve 40 Fulham Road (East of Rowville Community Centre) 81 K1

Please help us keep our playgrounds safe and report playground equipment damage or call 9298 8000.

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