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Playgrounds in Wantirna

View our Google Map of Wantirna playgrounds or find a playground's address in the table below.

Name Location Melways
Ainsdale Avenue Reserve Corner Ainsdale Avenue and Badminton Court 63 H6
Attenborough Square Reserve Attenborough Square 63 K8
Barrington Court Reserve Between Barrington Court and Teddington Way 63 K7
Bellbird Drive Reserve Bellbird Drive 63 G3
Burlington Crescent Reserve Corner Burlington Crescent and Albany Court 63 K6
Castlefield Ridge Reserve Castlefield Square 63 F7
Chequers Close Reserve Chequers Close 63 G10
Chiswick Court Reserve 8 Chiswick Court 63 H10
Cobain Square Reserve Cobain Square 63 J9
Eton Square Reserve Eton Square 63 K7
Garston Court Reserve 4 Garston Court 63 F7
Georgian Gardens Reserve Georgian Gardens 63 H8
Glenbarry Road Reserve 18 Glenbarry Road 64 A5
Grasmere Court Reserve Grasmere Court 63 J10
Greenock Crescent Reserve Between Greenock Crescent and Whitehaven Street 64 A6
Hamsterley Square Reserve Hamsterley Square 63 J10
Harrow Gardens Reserve Harrow Gardens 63 H9
Inchcape Avenue Reserve Inchcape Avenue 63 H4
Juniper Road Reserve 8-10 Juniper Road 63 F3
Kaisman Square Reserve Kaisman Square 63 J8
Mannix Square Reserve Mannix Square 63 H9
Milpera Reserve Milpera Crescent 63 E9
Napier Close playground Napier Close 63 J6
Newlands Court Reserve Newlands Court 63 K7
Nottingham Square Reserve Nottingham Square 63 J8
Pimpala Court Reserve Between Pimpala Court and Milpera Drive 63 F9
Roehampton Avenue playground (North) 27 Roehampton Avenue 63 J8
Roehampton Avenue Reserve (South) Between Roehampton Avenue and Harland Square 63 K8
Schultz Reserve Between Rylands Place and Caprice Close 63 K6
Stratford Square Reserve Stratford Square 63 G7
Tabilk Court Reserve 7-11 Tabilk Court 63 J5
Templeton Reserve Templeton Street 63 G9
Tyloid Square Reserve Tyloid Square 63 H10
Wantirna Reserve Mountain Highway 63 D8

Please help us keep our playgrounds safe and report playground equipment damage or call 9298 8000.

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