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Honour Boards

Located in the foyer of the Knox Civic Centre are Honour Boards recognising past and present Councillors who have represented the City since its formation in 1963. There are also Honour Boards recognising the Citizens of Knox who have been awarded Australia Day Local Awards for their services, deeds and community involvement in the City of Knox.

Councillors Honour Roll

Located in the foyer of the Knox Civic Centre are Honour Boards recognising those elected members of the community that have served as Councillors, Shire Presidents and Mayors since the formation of the Shire of Knox in 1963.

Shire of Knox

Shire Presidents Year
A. H. KLEINHERT, JP 1963-1964
D. G. KEITH, JP 1964-1965
B. M. SEEBECK, JP 1965-1966
A. H. KLEINHERT, JP 1966-1967
S. H. ERNHOLM 1967-1968
W. H. TEW, JP 1968-1969

Elected Representatives

Councillors Year
A. H. KLEINERT, JP 1963-1969
L. J. MAGUIRE, JP 1963-1965
A. T. MORTON 1963-1966
D. G. KEITH, JP 1963-1969
N. P. CARROLL 1963-1965
S. J. ROGERS 1963-1966
B. M. SEEBECK, JP 1963-1984
M. J. TRESISE 1963-1965
A. A. DRUMMOND 1963-1966
S. H. ERNHOLM 1965-1969
E. L. CHESSER 1965-1970
B. R. DAFFY 1965-1966
F. W. NEWMAN 1966-1977
L. J. PHELAN, JP 1966-1973
H F MATTHEWS 1966-1968
K. H. THORNTON 1966-1973
W. H. TEW, JP 1966-1989
B. T. FASHAM 1966-1967
A. R. GROGAN 1967-1970
N. F. D. CLARKE 1968-1971
R. R. ADDICOAT 1969-1981
F. W. NEWMAN, JP 1966-1977
L. J. PHELAN, JP 1966-1973
S. H. EHRNHOLM, JP 1965-1969
K. H. THORNTON 1966-1973
N. F. D. CLARKE 1968-1971
D. G. KEITH, JP 1965-1970
B. T. FASHAM 1966-1977
A. R. GROGAN, JP 1966-1970
M. J. WHITE, VA JP 1969-1981
C. J. QUINN, JP 1969-1972
J. K. GILL 1970-1976
K. J. O’SULLIVAN 1970-1973
I. L. COWIN 1971-1977
B. F. POWNEY 1972-1973
R. A. FRAMPTON 1973-1975
M. T. WALLACE, OAM JP 1973-1993
H. R. LUPTON, OAM JP 1973-1993
E. SANGWELL, JP 1973-1979
W. G. MORRIS 1975-1976
D. A. TRIPP 1976-1980
M. D. McLENNAN 1976-1981
A. J. HARDESS 1977-1980
D. W. BRUCE 1977-1980
V. J. CLAUSCEN 1977-1980
J. K. BOTTOMLEY 1976-1982
E. SANGWELL, JP 1980 (Part)
W. P. G. BOSWELL 1980-1983
G. N. DRAPER, JP 1980-1986
P. K. MALEY, JP 1980-1988
E. C. T. BLAZÉ 1980-1994
M. K. JONES 1981-1994
R. H. ASHLEY 1981-1982
F. A. JOHNSON 1981-1993
L. E. OVERTON, JP 1982-1984
C. E. TIDBALL, JP 1982-1994
D. G. LUCAS 1983-1990
J. V. SCHULZ 1984-1990
L. KNIGHT 1984-1990
L. KNIGHT 1992-1994
J. T. RAYMOND 1984-1993
G. A. DEMPSTER 1986-1994
M. L. RADISICH 1988-1994
P. P. HERBERT 1989-1992
K. McBRIDE 1990-1994
R. J. L. DARE 1990-1994
K. S. ORPEN 1990-1994
J. C. CULLINAN 1993-1994
J. A. MOORE 1993-1994
P. J. LOCKWOOD 1993-1994

City of Knox Council

A review of all local government in 1994 by the Victorian State Government resulted in a new City of Knox being proclaimed on 15 December 1994. This amalgamation included the former City and the nearby suburbs of Upper Ferntree Gully and part of Lysterfield. Also on the same day ‘Knox City Council’ was declared to administrate the new City.

Commissioners Year
J. L. DAVIES 1994-1997
P. K. COTTON 1994-1997
D. I. GEEKIE 1994-1997

On 15 March 1997, the Victorian State Government handed back control of the City of Knox to elected representatives.

Knox Councillors Year
E. C. T. BLAZÉ 1997-2003
R. J. L. DARE 1997-2000
D. T. FERGUSON 1997-2000
J. A. MOORE 1997-2005
K. S. ORPEN, JP 1997-2008
C. J. PEARCE 1997-2000
G. G. SCATES 1997-2005
R. H. VAN STOCKROM 1997-2000
M. T. WALLACE, OAM, JP 1997-2000
P. LOCKWOOD 2000-2002
C. BOYLE 2000-2003
E. CICCHIELLO 2000-2005
A. LEEPER 2000-2003
G. WOOD-BRADLEY 2000-2003
S. FIELDING 2003-2004
A. R. GILL 2003-2020
B. D. SMITH 2003-2005
M. VAN DE VREEDE 2003-2012
N. WAKELING 2003-2005
D. COOPER 2004-2015
J. PENNA 2005-2008
M. DAVEY 2005-2008
J. COSSARI (Jnr) 2005-2008
D. FIELD 2005-2008
T. KAMITSIS 2005-2008
P. COLE 2008-2012
G. COSSARI 2008-2016
S. McMILLAN 2008-2012
J. MORTIMORE 2008-2020
D. PEARCE 2008-
A. WALTER 2008-2012
A. R. HOLLAND 2012-2020
P. J. LOCKWOOD 2012-2020
K. S. ORPEN, JP 2012-2016
N. E. SEYMOUR 2012-
L. N. COOPER 2015-
J. G. TAYLOR 2016-2018
J. P. KEOGH 2016-2020
Y. ALLRED 2020-
J. DWIGHT 2020-
S. GRASSO 2020-
M. BAKER 2020-
S. LAUKENS 2020-

City of Knox Mayors

Knox Mayors Year
W. H. TEW, JP 1968-1969
A. R. GROGAN 1969-1970
F. W. NEWMAN, MBE JP 1970-1971
M. J. WHITE, VA JP 1971-1972
W. H. TEW, JP 1972-1973
B. T. FASHAM 1973-1974
R. R. ADDICOAT 1974-1975
I. L. COWIN 1975-1976
W. H. TEW, JP 1976-1977
B. M. SEEBECK, MBE JP 1977-1978
M. T. WALLACE, OAM JP 1978-1979
H. R. LUPTON, OAM JP 1979-1980
W. H. TEW, JP 1980-1981
H. R. LUPTON, OAM JP 1981-1982
P. K. MALEY, JP 1982-1983
F. A. JOHNSON 1983-1984
G. N. DRAPER, JP 1984-1985
E. C. T. BLAZÉ 1985-1986
M. T. WALLACE, OAM JP 1986-1987
F. A. JOHNSON 1987-1988
D. G. LUCAS 1988-1989
H. R. LUPTON, OAM JP 1989-1990
J. T. RAYMOND 1990-1991
G. A. DEMPSTER 1991-1992
C. E. TIDBALL, JP 1992-1993
M. T. WALLACE, OAM JP 1993-1994
E. C. T. BLAZÉ 18/8/1994-14/12/1994

City of Knox Deputy Mayors

Knox Deputy Mayors Year
C. E. TIDBALL 1987-1988
G. A. DEMPSTER 1988-1989
J. T. RAYMOND 1989-1990
M. T. WALLACE OAM, JP 1990-1991
K. S. ORPEN 1991-1992
R. J. L. DARE 1992-1993
L. KNIGHT 1993-1994
K. McBRIDE 10/8/1994-14/12/1994

State Government appointed Commissioner

J. L. DAVIES (Chief Commissioner) 15/12/1994 - 19/3/1997

Knox Mayors Year
R. J. L. DARE 1997-1998
E. C. T. BLAZÉ 1998-1999
K. S. ORPEN 1999-2000
J. MOORE 2000-2001
G. SCATES 2001-2002
K. S. ORPEN 2002-2003
J. MOORE 2003-2004
E. CICCHIELLO 2004-2004
J. MOORE 2004-2005
D. COOPER 2005-2006
J. PENNA 2006-2007
J. PENNA 2007-2008
D. COOPER 2008-2009
G. COSSARI 2009-2010
S. McMILLAN 2010-2011
A. R. GILL 2011-2012
K. S. ORPEN, JP 2012-2013
D. PEARCE 2013-2014
P. J. LOCKWOOD 2014-2015
T. HOLLAND 2015-2016
D. PEARCE 2016-2017
J. MORTIMORE 2017-2018
J. P. KEOGH 2018-2019
N. E. SEYMOUR 2019-2020
L. N. COOPER 2020-2021
Deputy Mayors Year
J. P. KEOGH 2017-2018
J. G. TAYLOR 31/10/2018-6/12/2018
M. J. TIMMERS-LEITCH 2019-2020
S. LAUKENS 2021-2021
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