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Bridge Asset Management Plan 2013 cover

Bridge Asset Management Plan

In addition to major infrastructure assets such as roads, footpaths, drainage and open space, Council is also responsible for a range of smaller asset sets such as bridges. The bridge asset class encompasses road and pedestrian bridges, major culverts and pedestrian boardwalks.

The Bridge Asset Management Plan (BrAMP) aims to provide a strategic and practical framework for both Council and the community with regard to the management, protection and care of bridge assets.

The Plan focuses largely on operational issues required to ensure the sustainable management of Council’s existing bridge network in meeting current and future community needs. The Plan also demonstrates Council’s improving maturity with respect to core asset management knowledge and documentation.

As well as examining the performance of bridge assets, the Plan documents and assesses how Council currently undertakes bridge management practices, bridge expenditure and service standards, and recommends improvement projects that will balance customer expectations, lifecycle costs and risk management into the future.

The Plan comprises a main report and several attachments, which can be downloaded below.

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