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Alchester Village shopping centre

Alchester Village Place Program

Alchester Village is recognised by Council as a key local shopping village. Since 2013, Council’s Place Program team has been active in Alchester Village, finding out more about the Village from people who work, shop, own a business or building there. This has helped us understand what short, medium and longer term initiatives would have a positive impact on the overall performance and success of the Village. These findings informed Council’s work on the Alchester Village Place Program.

Family Friendly Upgrade Completed

A funding partnership between Knox Council and the Federal Government has helped deliver a ‘family friendly’ facilities upgrade for Alchester Village. Over the past 12 months, Council, the community and the traders developed and shaped the final plans to improve each person’s experience while visiting Alchester Village.

The $358,000 project involved the upgrade of the existing park, construction of a new public toilet and installation of improved public lighting.

  • Park upgrade – installation of new paving, seating, play equipment, planting of native plants and shrubs, and the retention of the iconic local gum trees;
  • New public toilet – construction of new unisex, accessible toilet with baby change facilities near the park and commercial centre; and
  • Improved public lighting – installation of three new light poles in the park as well as a new ‘up light’ on the gum tree, and additional lights around the Village. These new lights will hopefully make shoppers and traders feel safer as well as boost the overall amenity of the Village.

This project is a good example of what can be achieved when governments in conjunction with local communities work together to achieve a significant improvement to an important local shopping village.

Park upgrades at Alchester Village
Alchester Village park upgrade 2017
Lighting upgrades at Alchester Village
Alchester Village lighting upgrade 2017

Built Form Guidelines and Planning Scheme Amendment C137

Built form guidelines for the Alchester Village neighbourhood activity centre have been adopted by Council and introduced into the Knox Planning Scheme through a new Schedule 11 to the Clause 43.02 ‘Design and Development Overlay’ of the Knox Planning Scheme (known as DDO11). The DDO11 introduces an 8.5 metre (2 storey) maximum building height over existing commercial buildings within Alchester Village.

The guidelines in the DDO11 draw on consultation with the local community, as well as analysis of the built form and planning policy framework for the centre. They will help guide appropriate development in this small, yet important centre.

For more information, visit The Basin and Alchester Village web page.

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