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Protection of Adjoining Property from Building Work

Building work can adversely affect adjoining properties. An owner who is proposing building work has obligations under the Building Act 1993 to protect adjoining property from potential damage from this work.

If building work is close to or adjacent to adjoining property boundaries, then an owner may be required to carry out protection works in respect of that adjoining property. This is to ensure that the adjoining property is not affected or damaged by the proposed building work.

Prior to the issue of a Building Permit where works are to be performed on an allotment boundary, notices must be served on all affected property owners.

The notice must be accompanied by information relevant to the protection works that will be undertaken during the construction. A response and agreement from the effected owners is required prior to the issue of a Building Permit.

If you currently have a building permit application with Council and you require Protection Works forms, please contact Building Services on 9298 125.

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