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Bayswater 2020: Bayswater Activity Centre Structure Plan (C54 2011)

Bayswater 2020

The Bayswater 2020: Bayswater Activity Centre Structure Plan was adopted by Council in May 2005 after extensive community consultation. The plan contains initiatives to improve land use mix, built form, economic sustainability, accessibility, public open space and the well being of the Bayswater community.

Over the life of the Structure Plan, Bayswater can expect to see improved streetscapes, a more compact centre, a greater mix of shops and services, increased housing within the activity centre to increase its vitality and sustainability, better public transport and accessibility for pedestrians, as well as improved public spaces and opportunity for community interaction.

The Structure Plan applies to the shopping centre, surrounding residential land, Bayswater Park, Bayswater Primary and Secondary Schools and Knox Community Arts Centre and surrounds. Download the Bayswater 2020: Bayswater Activity Centre Structure Plan.

Please note the March 2012 Addendum to the Bayswater Structure Plan March 2012 replaces the Built form map on page 21.

The objectives of the Structure Plan were incorporated into the Knox Planning Scheme on 3 February 2011 via Amendment C54. Specifically this amendment introduced a new local planning policy (Clause 22.05) and a Design and Development Overlay (DD06) that apply to the Bayswater Activity Centre.

Bayswater Triangle Master Plan February 2011

The Bayswater Triangle Master Plan February 2011 (‘The Master Plan’) was prepared to detail preferred future land use and built form for the Bayswater Triangle. The triangle is a key redevelopment site within the Bayswater Structure Plan. The Triangle site is defined by Scoresby Road, Mountain Highway, and Station Street in Bayswater.

The Master Plan was identified as an initiative of the adopted Structure Plan (Bayswater 2020). The Master Plan is consistent with the Structure Plan, and takes the recommendations of the Structure Plan to a greater level of detail for this area. It provides an opportunity to improve the functionality of the Triangle site and improve access to and within the site.

The Master Plan outlines three possible development scenarios for the future use and development of the Triangle Site - consistent with the adopted Structure Plan. All of the options include a mix of land uses and proposals to realign the internal road network. The three options include different assumptions regarding the future location of the Bayswater Hotel (within the site) and realignment of railway infrastructure.

The preferred Master Plan option C is dependent on major modifications to the railway line and station, including placing the railway line and station underground and relocating the rail maintenance facility. The Master Plan should be used to inform the planning for this. Option C also assumes relocation of the Knox Community Arts Centre from the Triangle Site.

The Strategic Planning Committee adopted The Bayswater Triangle Master Plan on 9 August 2011. View the SPC Minutes from 9 August 2011 below.

The Bayswater Triangle Master Plan and appendices are available by clicking the links below.

Hard copies of the Master Plan are available on request.

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