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Municipal Strategic Statement (MSS)

The Municipal Strategic Statement (MSS) is part of the Knox Planning. It is one of Council’s key strategic visionary documents, providing the overarching strategic directions for land use and development in Knox.

The MSS must be consistent with the State Government's strategy for Melbourne known as 'Plan Melbourne'. The MSS highlights key issues of importance for Knox and identifies the strategies and planning controls needed to implement these strategies. It provides the strategic basis for the application of zones and other planning policies and overlays.

The MSS provides the broad local policy basis for making decisions under a planning scheme. When developers, businesses or residents seek planning approval for development projects, the MSS provides guidance and direction to Councillors and Council Planners when assessing and making decisions on planning proposals. The Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) rely on the MSS to provide the strategic context in deciding whether or not to support a development proposal referred to them for determination.

The MSS is built upon as Council develops and refines strategic directions in response to the changing needs of our community.

For more information

You can download a copy of the MSS from the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning website: Knox Planning Scheme

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