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Arts and Culture Advisory Committee


The Knox Arts and Culture Advisory Committee (the Committee) provides Council with advice on issues relating to the advancement of arts and culture in Knox. It assists in promoting greater awareness and understanding of arts and culture in Knox, and provides Council with a greater insight into the local needs and interests in arts, culture and creative industry development in Knox.

Committee Members

The Knox Arts and Culture Committee are a diverse group of local volunteers elected for 2 years, with a strong interest and knowledge of:

  • Arts and Cultural activities within Knox, including services, events, venues, programs and initiatives offered through Council, Community and local Businesses;
  • A specialist field such as Arts and Cultural Development, Placemaking, Cultural Tourism, Arts Marketing, Community Engagement, Creative Industry Development, Arts Funding or Creative Arts Practice; and
  • Local social, cultural, economic factors impacting the wider Knox community.

Meetings take place between four and six times per year, and the committee operates alongside a Terms of Reference.

For more information

To find out more about arts and culture in Knox, and the role of the Committee, please view the file links below:

To discuss your submission, please contact Knox Arts and Cultural Services on 9298 8000

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