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Guy Turner Reserve Community Art Project

Play: Guy Turner Reserve Community Art Project

Guy Turner Reserve has undergone extensive re-development and enhancement works. A new playground has been built that includes wide spread landscaping with the provision of new shelter areas, pathways and play equipment.

"Play" was a community art project facilitated by Bayswater West Community Hub in collaboration with Knox City Council’s Community Arts Officer and Open Landscape team. Local groups that use the space regularly participated in a number of creative workshops, the results of which were installed in a variety of art platforms throughout Guy Turner Reserve.

The effects of Play were profound. It increased community connections, reduced social isolation and improved the mental health and well-being of the local community. Through participation in poetry/writing, painting/drawing, and bronzeclay/silverclay workshops local residents expressed their ideas about play whilst getting to know each other. In addition, the overall improved aesthetics of the space have encouraged increased ownership and more frequent use of the area by a more diverse range of the community.

Guy Turner Reserve PlaygroundGuy Turner Reserve PlaygroundGuy Turner Reserve PlaygroundGuy Turner Reserve Playground

There are several platforms exhibiting the artwork in the space, including spherical discs, graphic plates, sandblasted rocks and timber. Several small sculptures have been developed by a professional artist and community members and will be displayed throughout the space. These various platforms exhibit the work in strategic places throughout the space in landscaping, gardens and pathways.

Those involved in the workshops were drawn from the local community and included Bayswater West Primary School, Blue Hills Pre School, 1st Bayswater Scouts, Clarendon Grange Aged Care Facility and various sporting clubs as well as interested members of the local community.

A launch to celebrate the completion of the Guy Turner Reserve redevelopment took place on 19 November. Hundreds of people turned up to celebrate the launch of this wonderful new community space. Cr Gill spoke about the history of the redevelopment and Mayor, Cr Lockwood opened the new and improved reserve. The Lions BBQ sizzled and school fundraising cakes were sold in their dozens to those wanting to support their local community.

Local barbershop choir East City Sound entertained with their upbeat tunes and Bayswater West Primary sang and danced their way through the early afternoon. Professional performer and entertainer Barry Morgan wove plenty of intermittent gags and interviews with audience members throughout the performances, providing a sense of fun and occasion to the event.

Five local photographers have photographed the workshops. These photos will inform a limited edition hard cover book documenting the project, published and distributed to local community groups, schools and neighbourhood houses.

Guy Turner Reserve Community Art Project
Guy Turner Reserve Community Art Project
Guy Turner Reserve Community Art Project
Guy Turner Reserve Community Art Project
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