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Strategic Asset Management Plan

Knox City Council manages more than $1.5 billion in property, infrastructure, plant and equipment assets on behalf of the community. It is generally accepted that these assets exist to directly and indirectly support the services that Council delivers to the community. A significant proportion of Council operational and capital budgets are directed to managing Council’s assets.

The Knox Asset Management Framework comprises the Asset Management Policy, the Asset Management Strategy (i.e. the Strategic Asset Management Plan) and a suite of Asset Management Plans.

Council’s original Strategic Asset Management Plan was completed in 2003 at a time when asset management at Council was in its formative stages. A review and update of the Strategic Asset Management Plan in 2014 ensures that Council continues to have a sound asset management framework that responds to the influence of broader Council objectives.

Asset management is now recognised as being a critical component in Council delivering services to the Knox community, and therefore the review and update of the Strategic Asset Management Plan is timely in allowing Council to reflect on its progress to date and to re-align its future direction to support service planning.

Recommendations are outlined in the Plan to assist Council in:

  • Reaching a sustainable level of renewal funding.
  • Having regard to the long term asset requirements of Council to deliver desirable service outcomes.
  • Advancing asset decision tools and information systems to facilitate service planning integration, data management and efficient work practices.

The Plan comprises a main report and several attachments, To view the main report or the associated attachments click on the relevant link at the bottom of this page.

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