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The Placemaker Legacy

The Placemaker Legacy is a collection of more than 100 art sculptures and murals created over a twenty year period (1987-2007) by a team of artists employed by Knox City Council.

The collection of sculptures and murals are many and varied and can be found throughout Knox on walls, benches, tables, in playgrounds and as stand alone art works. All relate to the place in which they are situated and all have involved the community in the making or concept development of the work.

Maintaining these works has become a priority as many are deteriorating. A process has begun to assess each art work for restoration, removal or replacement.

If you have information about any of the objects or would like to discuss the Placemaker Legacy further please contact Community and Public Arts Officer, Jo Herbig on 9298 8000 or

Placemaker LegacyPlacemaker LegacyPlacemaker LegacyPlacemaker LegacyPlacemaker Legacy
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