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Tree Removal and Pruning

Removal and Pruning of Vegetation

A planning permit is generally required for the pruning or removal of trees within the City of Knox. Knox City Council has numerous planning controls which protect trees and vegetation, and vegetation and tree controls are enforced , with penalties issued for illegal tree removal.

To find out what planning controls apply to your land click here to do a Planning Property Report.

If you own or live on a site that has had previous development, such as a dual occupancy or multi-unit development, the trees and vegetation are protected through plans that were approved as part of this development, including landscape plans. In this case you will need to amend a plan or seek the written consent from Council.

We recommend consulting with Council's Planning staff prior to the pruning or removal of a tree.

Tree Removal and Bushfire Prevention

Many property owners in high risk areas prepare a fire management plan for their land.

Council always supports safety in the face of bushfire danger. However native vegetation in Knox supports the green leafy character of Knox and provides habitat for native fauna. We therefore also encourage residents to preserve trees and native vegetation that do not pose a fire risk.

For advice on bushfire management and tree/native vegetation removal please contact Council’s Planning Services team.

Note: The State Government's 10/30 vegetation clearance exemptions do not apply in Knox.

How do I apply for a Planning Permit for Tree Removal or Pruning?

If you need to apply for a Planning Permit to remove or prune a tree, this can be lodged online or in person at the Council offices. Have a look at our handy checklist to see what information you need to submit your application.

To lodge a planning application online, you must be a Registered User to use this service.

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Apply for a Tree Removal/Pruning Permit

Need Help?

Planning Services can be contacted by phoning our office on 9298 8125 and will require information on the type of tree, the height of the tree and the health of the vegetation in question in order to determine if a planning permit is required or not.

You can also lodge a request below and a staff member will get back to you.

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