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Murray's Garden - Transcript

My name is Murray Brown and I’m a member of the Gardens for Wildlife Program. Since we’ve been involved in this whole Program our outlook, for a start, has changed dramatically because now there’s no weeds and blackberries and, what are they, sweet pittosporum (or whatever they’re called) laying around the place - so our outlook is absolutely fantastic now. And then the amount of wildlife, the amount of birds that are now in our backyard has increase dramatically – it’s just unbelievable now. It’s been absolutely fantastic.

With a bit of a compromise, we’ve got something that now doesn’t look like a block full of weeds; it looks like a block ready for nature. By receiving advice from the Program I think it has changed the way I would have gone about doing my whole backyard. I probably would have got a bulldozer in and scaped the backyard and just made it like ‘nice and neat’ if you understand what I mean. But right now, you know, it’s sort of beautiful, it’s bush, it’s like this. It’s been a whole change of mindset for me.

Without the Program I wouldn’t have even probably planted a fifth of the amount of plants that I’ve put in. And I think it just encourages people to think – well, hang we just don’t have to have everything with roses and azaleas planted around the place to make the place look nice and pretty or attractive. So the Program’s been, I think to the community, of great, great benefit. I’d like to encourage people to get involved with the Program because I think the benefits do out way the hard work and everything else you’ve got to go into. I think it would be also disappointing if the Council stopped the Program. I think for such as small amount the community as a whole can reap such a huge benefit from it.

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