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Emma's Garden - Transcript

Hi, My name is Emma Zeng Xi and I’m a member of the Gardens for Wildlife Program. The Program is wonderful; I received presents from them. I received 20 plants when I enrolled in the Program and also it opens my eyes, lets me pay attention to the little birds, the native plants and what is available in the local nurseries.

It’s my garden and I take ownership but by having this initial advice from the Council people it just helped me to do things right and it’s great. It is a gift to the local residents, a wonderful Program, thank you for that. I’m so proud to be part of that.

You know what? The Program makes me feel I’m an Aussi, because like other Australian people they know their plants, I know them too. I’m not only an outsider/immigrant , I know the beauty.

My connection to Knox, I’m part of the local community. Not only am I working locally and my garden, my neighbours, is to knowing what are the local native plants is really building connections to nature; to build local knowledge.

When I meet my friends, either at home or in the library, I feel proud to talk about something, especially the new plants I recently put into my ground. It’s like other people, they have their pets, I don’t have pets but the plants, they are my family members.

Among my Chinese friends we know quite little about the native plants but by exchanging the information and some ideas it grows. By sharing the stories that happen in our backyard or front yard we feel we are connected. Please invite adults, children; I mean different generations, different cultured people, come to join in. Until more people come on board and we will share a big story.

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