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Agendas and Minutes 2016

View the Agendas and Minutes for our Council, Strategic Planning Committee (SPC) and Special Council meetings listed below.

Ordinary Council Meetings are generally held on the fourth Tuesday of each month at 7pm excluding the December meeting or specified below. The Strategic Planning Committee meets 11 times each year on the second Tuesday of each month except in January.


Agendas for Council and Strategic Planning Committee (SPC) Meetings are available 6 days prior to the scheduled meeting date. Copies of the Agenda are available online or in hardcopy from the Knox Civic Centre and local library branches.


Minutes of the meeting are available on the Friday after each meeting from the above facilities or may be downloaded in PDF format. Please note that not all appendices are included in the electronic Minutes available to download from our website.

For copies of appendices or any other information regarding Council's Agendas and Minutes, please call our Governance Team on 9298 8000.

Strategic Planning Committee (SPC) Meetings

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