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Street Tree Asset Management Plan May 2016

Street Tree Asset Management Plan

Knox City Council is responsible for managing approximately 70,000 trees in the municipality's road reserves. Street trees are regarded as one of Council's greatest assets and contribute to the green leafy image of Knox. They provide a wealth of social, economic and environmental benefits.

The Knox City Plan recognises the importance of retention and planting of canopy trees across the overall urban forest. Street trees are one element of the urban forest and there are existing policies and procedures to guide the processes of street tree management. This Asset Management Plan provides a practical framework for those policies, as well as centralising street tree management practices.

Specifically, the Street Tree Asset Management Plan:

  • Presents the recent history of street tree management practices within Knox.
  • Describes the current situation of street tree management.
  • Provides a transparent picture of Council's procedures and practices in managing street trees.
  • Identifies opportunities to improve street tree management.

The Plan comprises a main report and several attachments. To view the main report (and the included attachments) click on the relevant link at the bottom of this page.

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