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Knox Planning Scheme Incorporated and Reference Documents

The role of incorporated and reference documents in the Knox Planning Scheme

Studies, strategies, guidelines and policies that inform the planning scheme, guide decision-making or affect the operation of the planning scheme need to form part of the planning scheme. This can be achieved by incorporating documents into the planning scheme or using reference documents.

Incorporated documents

Incorporated documents form part of the planning scheme. They must be taken into account by Council (and VCAT) when making decision on planning permit applications; and can only be amended by a planning scheme amendment.

Reference documents

Reference documents provide background information to assist in understanding the context within which a particular policy or provision has been framed. Reference documents are used in a number of ways. They can be used as a basis for preparing, and reviewing the Municipal Strategic Statement (MSS), local planning policies or requirements in the planning scheme, or can be mentioned in the planning scheme as a source of useful background information.

Reference documents have a limited role in decision-making as they are not part of the planning scheme. They do not have the same status of incorporated documents or carry the same weight.

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