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Video transcript: Put your rubbish to work

Watch the 'Put your rubbish to work' video on YouTube

Bathroom Recycling

It doesn't take much extra to recycle both from your kitchen and the bathroom.

Why stop at the kitchen?

My first tip would be to have a second bin in the bathroom so you don't forget.

And then the second tip would be you don't necessarily have to rinse the product before you put into recycling.

Aluminium aerosol cans

Just make sure there's no little residual bits of compressed air left in the aerosol can.

Take the cap off and put it in the recycling as well because it's plastic, it can also be recycled.

Why dig a dirty big hole in the ground to get more aluminium when you've got it in your hand?

It becomes second nature once you start doing it.

Plastic Bags

So even though some plastic bags look like they can be recycled - they have the triangle symbol on them. That just represents the type of plastic that they are.

No plastic bags at all can be recycled. Even the ones that you think are biodegradable and good for the environment,
that just means they'll break down quicker in the normal rubbish but you still can't recycle them.

You can't put your recycling in plastic bags.

It won't get separated at the recycling centre.

Some of the supermarkets will have boxes that you can take them in, and they'll get safely disposed of there.


With your Polystyrene, it can't go in your recycling bin.

You can either put in your rubbish bin or you can find a waste transfer station which will take it for recycling.

Composting food waste

Fifty or sixty percent of the stuff that goes into our rubbish bins, is food waste.

Why would you throw it out when it can be used around your home?

Composting is just so easy.

Really, once you get it up and running, and get into the habit, it's not that hard.

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