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COVID-19 Update

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Street tree renewal

Street Tree Renewal Projects

Streetscape assessments are undertaken yearly as part of Council’s proactive Street Tree Renewal Program. All streets in Knox have been reviewed and prioritised for assessment in consideration of:

  • Tree health and structure
  • Potential planting opportunities
  • Tree life expectancy
  • Tree species and location
  • Tree and infrastructure relationships
  • Compatibility with other capital works projects

Streetscape upgrade works

During streetscape renewal works, trees of poor health or structure, short life expectancy, poorly located trees and trees that do not provide maximum benefit to the community are removed and replaced.

Healthy trees that are ideally located are retained in the streetscape and vacant planting sites are filled. Works may be undertaken in conjunction with other projects such as footpath renewal to maximise your streetscape upgrade.

New trees are planted between the months of May and August, whilst the soil is moist and the rain is plentiful. New street trees are semi-advanced stock 1-1.5 metres in height. They are monitored monthly by Council for the first two years of their life, and watered using recycled water over the warmer months.

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