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Tree FAQs

Street Tree Management

Frequently Asked Questions

Why has Council chosen my new street tree?

Council’s Infill Planting Program aims to complete existing streetscapes by planting vacant locations. In general these streets have existing themes that have been deemed appropriate by a Council arborist. To learn more or to find out what is happening in your street visit our Street Tree Planting page.

I am renting a property and have received a street tree renewal flier. Can I vote for my preferred streetscape?

Yes, both a renter and owner may vote for their preferred streetscape option for street tree renewal projects.

Do I have to vote online or is there another way that I can place my vote?

Simply call Knox Council on 9298 8000 and request a paper version of the survey to be delivered to your home with a reply paid envelope so that you can send your completed survey back to Council.

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