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Did you know

Did you know?

Rainbow Lorikeet

Your street trees provide a multitude of benefits as well as creating the leafy green image that we all know and love.

  • By providing shade and cooling the air through transpiration, trees make our streets and homes cooler and help to combat the urban heat island effect, absorbing less heat than the built structures around them.
  • The shade provided by trees reduces sun exposure and heat related illness.
  • Trees reduce storm water flows and nutrient runoff that would otherwise end up in our waterways. Tree canopies absorb the impact of heavy rainfall and tree roots clean ground water, reducing the nitrogen, phosphorous and heavy metal content in our waterways.
  • Trees clean the air, reducing pollutants through the process of photosynthesis, where harmful chemicals such as carbon dioxide, ozone and other greenhouse gasses are removed from the air and oxygen is released.
  • By reducing the need for air conditioning in warmer months, greenhouse gas emissions are further reduced by trees whilst cost of living is decreased.
  • Street trees add natural character to our streets and create a sense of privacy and place, increasing aesthetic appeal and property values.
  • Trees provide food, habitat and homes to a wide range of animals and indigenous trees are of particular benefit to local fauna.
  • Street trees provide vital habitat corridors that allow animals to safely travel through our busy streets, keeping them safe from traffic and predators.
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