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Graffiti removal

Graffiti - prevent it, report it, remove it

Every resident and business owner/occupier is responsible for removal of graffiti from their property. Prompt removal of graffiti is recommended, this sends a message that graffiti is not tolerated and is less likely to experience reoccurrence.

Removal of the graffiti within 24 hours is the most effective way to stop it. The marker or paint is also easier to remove when cleaned immediately. Remember: graffiti attracts more graffiti.

Removal could include:

  • Free graffiti removal kits;
  • Paint-out. Council provides discount paint cards;
  • High-pressure water spray; and
  • Professional cleaners

To access free graffiti kits or discount paint vouchers, please contact Council on 9298 8000.

Council is not responsible for removing graffiti from private property, except for vulnerable communities. Graffiti on council property is removed within 5 working days, if offensive graffiti will be removed within 24 hours.

Graffiti - Prevent it

Ways to minimise graffiti on your property could include:

  • Plant trees and shrubs along exposed fences and walls;
  • Paint your fence in a dark colour;
  • Protective coatings on surfaces such as glass, signage, outdoor furniture, etc;
  • Installation of lighting in ‘hotspots’;
  • Consider a mural wall;
  • Be a good neighbour and watch out for your neighbourhood; and
  • Report graffiti to Police or Council.

Any information residents can provide regarding graffiti and people committing the offences will make Knox a cleaner, safer and more enjoyable place to live.

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