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Animal Infringement Notices

If your dog or cat is found straying or unregistered you may be issued with an infringement notice.

Infringement Notices may be issued to the owner of a dog or cat found to be committing an offence prescribed in the Domestic Animals Act 1994 or under Council's General Provisions Local Law 2010.

New Infringement fees come into force from 1st July 2019 and can be seen below

To pay your infringement online, please visit our Online Payments page.

Offence Penalty
Registered dog or cat not wearing Council identification marker outside premises $83
Dog at large or not securely confined to owner's premises during daytime $248
Dog or cat creating a nuisance $83
Dog at large or not securely confined to owner's premises during night time $330
Failure to apply to register a dog or cat $330
Failure to collect and properly dispose of any excrement deposited by an animal $200
Failing to carry a facility for the effective removal of excrement $200

Can I appeal against an Animal Infringement Notice?

For more information on how to request a review of an infringement please visit Requesting a Review of your Infringement Notice.

For more information

For more information please contact Council's Community Laws department on 9298 8000.

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