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Client Rights and Responsibilities

In addition to the Charter of Aged Care Rights, people who receive services with Council's Active Ageing and Disability can expect the following rights and responsibilities:

Your rights

You have the right to:

  • Be involved in developing your Care Plan
  • Receive information about the frequency and cost of services
  • Be supported by an advocate or carer to manage your service
  • Refuse a service without affecting any request for service in the future
  • Raise a concern about your service and expect it to be resolved promptly and fairly without affecting your right to a service
  • Appeal a decision in relation to your service

Your responsibilities

You have a responsibility to:

  • Respect staff regardless of their cultural or religious beliefs
  • Provide a safe environment for all staff visiting your home
  • Ensure that staff are not harassed, intimidated or abused
  • Refrain from smoking indoors prior to or during a staff visit
  • Restrain pets during services to ensure the safety of staff
  • Provide only the recommended cleaning products
  • Ensure that someone is at home for the duration of services
  • Ensure the service ends at the specified time on roster
  • Pay for services as agreed
  • Refrain from giving staff gifts
  • Contact the office on (03) 9298 8301 with at least 24 hours notice with any changes or to cancel or suspend your service
  • Contact Knox City Council office during business hours and only call the after-hours service if absolutely necessary.
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