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Shipping Containers

Guidelines for the placement and use of Shipping Containers on land in Knox:

Domestic properties

Shipping containers used on Domestic properties for medium or long term use as a habitable or non-habitable outbuilding, shed, storage or like occupancies will require a Building Permit and may require a Planning Permit dependent on the relevant Planning zone.

Shipping containers placed on site for a short term for transfer of house contents when relocating do not require a Building or Planning Permit. It is recommended that the surrounding neighbours be notified of the proposed timelines.

A Domestic property cannot be used for the storage of empty Shipping containers as this is a commercial use of the land.

Should the container require a Building Permit it must comply with Part 5 of the Building Regulations and all relevant parts of the National Construction Code Volume 2.

Commercial and Industrial properties

Shipping containers used on Commercial/Industrial properties for any purpose other than short term loading of goods for shipping purposes or in designated container storage facilities, require a Building and Planning Permit.

The shipping container must comply with all relevant parts of the National Construction Code Volume 1 and be sited in accordance with the conditions of a Planning Permit.

Council By-law

Without a permit an owner or occupier of any land must not encroach, place or allow to be placed any obstruction or other thing on a public place.

In order to obtain a building permit for a permanent placement of a shipping container through Council’s Building Department, plans must be submitted that include the following minimum requirements, a site plan, footings supporting the structure and means of collecting and dispersing the rainwater that will collect on the roof.

A Building permit will only be granted in circumstances where there is insufficient space or access on the property.

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