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Knox's Planning Process is Digital

Register for Online Services

You need to first register as a user of Council Online Services to use our online planning processes.

Only one registration will be provide per individual or company so for companies we recommend using a single generic email address, login and password, so all your applications can be accessed from the one place.

Setting up your account takes 1 business day, but from this point on you can lodge applications 24 hours a day, seven days a week and take advantage of other digital services during the planning process.

Register for Online Services

What you can do online

Once you are registered, you can undertake the following parts of the Planning Process online:

  • Request a pre-application planning meeting
  • Submit a new planning application and pay fees online
  • Pay your subdivision application fees online for SPEAR applications
  • Apply to amend a planning application
  • Apply for an extension of time
  • Apply to amend a planning permit, including secondary consent
  • View advertised plans
  • Object to a planning permit

Benefits of going digital

Council's Planning staff are saying gooodbye to paper files. We will no longer be working with hard copy paper documents and plans.

From Monday 19 March 2019, you can lodge your application online. When you lodge your application online, they are automatically received into our system and we can begin processing your application. Hard copy applications must first be scanned into our system before we can start processing your application.

Going digital also means there is no need for you to print out large plans, post large application packages or come into Council to pay your application fees. You can also submit your Further Information online and access decisions and any endorsed plans.

Rest assured, we will continue to support residents and businesses preferring to submit their applications in hard copy.

Apply for a Planning Permit

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